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Where the Candidates Stand: A Cliff’s Notes Version

Alright, if you’re anything like me, it can be difficult at times to remember what candidate stands for what on a certain issue. So, thanks to my friend Josh, I’m going to post this concise guide to where each of the contenders stand.

Hillary Clinton:

Mitt Romney:

Barack Obama:

John McCain:

Mike Huckabee:

Ron Paul:

In addition, here are some links where you can compare the candidates side-by-side on various issues:

Candidate Health Care Proposals: Side-by-Side Summary

NPR – 2008 Election Issues: Candidate Positions – Compare Candidates’ Views on Money – Compare Candidates Side-by-Side

I hope this list makes some sense of it all. Happy voting! 🙂

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Have you Reddit?

Well, two of my UVA classmates (and dormmates) Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian have made it big, according to this article. If you’ve never been to Reddit before, I suggest you try it out; it’s similar in theory to Digg in that its a socially aggregated and moderated news source, but Reddit deals with all types of news, not just technology (yes, I know that Digg recently expanded into other categories besides technology recently, but Reddit had that as its core model long before.) The interesting line in the article, I thought, was this:

Reddit, which attracts 50,000 visitors a day, reached profitability in April, Ohanian said. The company doesn’t disclose revenue figures.

Way to go, guys. It’s great to see my friends’ ventures taking off and making a splash.