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Have you Reddit?

Well, two of my UVA classmates (and dormmates) Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian have made it big, according to this article. If you’ve never been to Reddit before, I suggest you try it out; it’s similar in theory to Digg in that its a socially aggregated and moderated news source, but Reddit deals with all types of news, not just technology (yes, I know that Digg recently expanded into other categories besides technology recently, but Reddit had that as its core model long before.) The interesting line in the article, I thought, was this:

Reddit, which attracts 50,000 visitors a day, reached profitability in April, Ohanian said. The company doesn’t disclose revenue figures.

Way to go, guys. It’s great to see my friends’ ventures taking off and making a splash.


Thanks, Kenneth Lay!

One of my friends made the comment that I am likely the first person in five years to utter that statement and seriously mean it. He’s probably right.

Anyway, yesterday I got mentioned in an article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch relating to Kenneth Lay and Wikipedia, centering on this wikipedia article.

Here’s some selected text from the article:

Moments after news of former Enron CEO Kenneth L. Lay’s passing, his online biography had been updated with a new subject heading: “Death.”

Hunter Chorey, 23, a Charlottesville resident, was one of many people who revised Lay’s entry yesterday on, the editable online encyclopedia.

While Wikipedia is the most well-known type of “wiki” — a Web site or page that lets anyone add, revise or delete content — more companies are using the technology for internal collaboration.

Until yesterday, Lay’s biography had been written in the present tense, referring to how he “could face 20 to 30 years in prison” for his role in the accounting scandal that destroyed the Texas energy company.

Among several updates was a modification to change wording to the past tense, noting how Lay “could have faced” 20 to 30 years in prison.

But as Chorey perused the digital biography, the University of Virginia graduate caught an error: the Wikipedia article said Lay had died at his home in Colorado.

“But I saw a [news] article that said he had made it to the hospital,” said Chorey, an analyst with a Charlottesville intellectual property firm. A few clicks of the mouse and keyboard strokes later, Chorey had updated Lay’s bio, reworking the incorrect sentence to say the embattled businessman was admitted to the Aspen Valley Hospital, where he later died… Whether working on an internal company document or a biography about a deceased former Enron executive, “everyone brings something to the table with their knowledge,” said Chorey, the U.Va. grad.

Woohoo, thanks, Ken! The weirdest part is how the reporter found me; I had made an edit to Ken Lay’s wikipedia page, and he must have seen it, clicked on my wikipedia profile, come here to my website, found out where I worked, found my company’s webpage, and then discovered my work phone number through that. All in 20 minutes. Kind of scary, how readily and quickly information spreads across the internet, leaving a huge swath of a paper trail behind.

Oh, my particular edit to wikipedia found its way into articles in the Washington Post and on, too. How crazy.

p.s. – If you have an original copy of the Times-Dispatch article in print, please let me know. Thanks.



Well, I’m officially a Virginia resident now.  I spent about 2.5 hours at the Charlottesville DMV (from 7:45 until about 10:00) waiting to get my picture taken (sigh…).  I still think it’s horribly inefficient there, but, duh, it’s the DMV, right?

Lots of cleaning to do today, then a BBQ at Larry’s.  It’s a beautiful day; go enjoy it!

Faith Life

Rain come down

Dark clouds a’risin’
Thunder bolts a’rollin’
Master Jesus ridin’ around
With a rainbow ’round his shoulders

Rain come down, rain come down
Hear him above ridin’ around…..

Eastmountainsouth, “Rain Come Down

Whew, it sure is raining hard. Looking out the window towards Preston, it’s difficult to see very far through the sheets of rain. I know that we need it, but it sure would be nice to give the ground a chance to absorb it instead of just washing everything away.

Tonight through Wednesday Trinity Presbyterian Church is having their Summer Celebration from 7 PM until 8:30 PM with music and a series of talks by Jerram Barrs. A few of the ex-Fellows and myself are going to be leading worship all three nights, so come out if you get the chance. It should be fun. 🙂

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Thursday Night with Dreaming Isabelle

Well, I’m still in the process of moving all of my stuff into the townhouse. The developers of the neighborhood have been paving the entire circle the past couple of days, so all of the owners and tenants have had to find other places to park, which has been somewhat of a pain. Luckily, the First Patriot Bank and the Food Lion parking lot are both just across the street, heh.

Dreaming IsabelleLast night Jon’s band Dreaming Isabelle played a set at the Outback Lodge. It was a good show; not a ton of people came out, but, hey, it was a Thursday night show at the beginning of the summer. They played a number of songs from their self-titled debut, as well as a few covers. They finished off the show with a lot of energy, playing their own version of Michael Jackson’s “Black and White.” It was a rather enjoyable evening, although I think I like the venue at the Gravity Lounge better. It’s really nice to be living on this side of town; work and a lot of the entertainment options that encircle the Downtown Mall are much more accessable. I’m going to save a fortune on gas (no more driving in from Crozet every day).

Well, I’ll probably finish moving stuff in with Mika this afternoon, then I have 2 weddings this weekend (one of which I’m in), and Mika’s leaving for a month starting Monday. There’s much to do, and not a lot of time to do it. You probably won’t see me again until monday. Who ever thought that Charlottesville in the summer would be so hectic? 😉