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Derek Webb: Feedback

Date November 2, 2010

Derek Webb released his new instrumental electronic worship album today, entitled Feedback.  Before the album dropped, Derek wrote a bit about his intentions and thoughts behind the album.  After giving it a few listens, I had a few additional thoughts, as well. First, I think that Derek has really dialed into how to successfully price […]

Three Strands

Date November 18, 2009

“Three passions, simple but overwhelming have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge and unbearable pity for the suffering of humankind.” – Bertrand Russell         

Words to Live By: Wendell Berry

Date August 3, 2009

Some wise words on how to live life, by Wendell Berry: Breathe with unconditioned breath the unconditioned air.  Shun electric wire.  Communicate slowly.   Live a three-dimensioned life; stay away from screens. This, certainly, is not my life. But I’d like it to be. The first steps are the hardest.

John Piper, “Why and How I Am Tweeting.”

Date June 3, 2009

John Piper recently began twittering under his own name, and he wrote an accompanying post on the desiringGod blog laying out his reasoning for entering the “twittersphere,” which I found insightful and a good read.  My favorite part is quoted below: Now what about Twitter? I find Twitter to be a kind of taunt: “Okay, truth-lover, […]

On Twitter as a news source.

Date February 25, 2009

Twitter fills an interesting niche in the world of online social networking. On Twitter, individuals micro-blog in 140 character bursts, and their readers only follow the people they choose to in their own customized “feed”. Given how easy it is to post a message on Twitter and have it be broadcast almost instantly to one’s […]