Back at work.

Well, I know that a post has been long overdue, but a lot has happened since then; I’m just beginning to catch my breath.  The Trinity Fellows Program ended on June 1, culminating in a fantastic week at the Southern Shores of the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  I took a week after the program was over to visit home in Atlanta before heading back up to Charlottesville.

I saw the DaVinci Code with Ginger (it was so-so; for those that haven’t read the book, I bet it was confusing, but for people like me who had, it dragged a bit at times), ran some errands while in town, and met Clark at the Sweetwater Brewery to volunteer for a couple of hours in return for a case or two of their excellent beer.  ;)  An interesting and fun experience, to be sure.

Anyway, i’m back in Charlottesville starting up work again and trying to get my new townhouse in order.  Greetings to everyone who wondered where I’d gone.  😉

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