Jars of Clay: Good Monsters

According to a few sources, The new Jars of Clay album Good Monsters is going to be awesome when it comes out on September 5th. According to a reviewer who has a prerelease copy:

Seriously incredible album. I’m musically jaded as part of my job description, but this album makes me dance in my chair and smile and listen and sing. Completely rockin’. As for which album it most resembles…some of the songs (the best ones) are musically going in a new direction. Strong “rock” sensibilities and lots of scale-step based melodies. Power chords and harmony and stuff. Very clean and strong. I don’t think it really resembles any of their albums. WWAI is I guess the closest fit, but to make them compare, amp it up a good bit.

So there we go; I’m excited!  Good Monsters, coming to a store near you in September.

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