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Hints of Spring

It’s been an interesting weekend for me; for the first time since we’ve been married, I haven’t really seen Mika for about three days. Between her work schedule, going to see a wrestling match Friday evening at John Paul Jones Arena with Mike and Justin (awesome) and going skiing at Massanutten on Saturday, I won’t really get the chance to be with her until tonight.

I know that 3 days doesn’t seem like a long time, but this is different for me. The first year that Mika and I started dating, I was part of a fellowship program called the Trinity Fellows Program out of my church here in Charlottesville, Trinity Presbyterian. Just about every hour of every week was scheduled and planned out, and I was living with a wonderful family out in Crozet, 25 miles outside of Charlottesville. Suffice to say, during that year I didn’t see Mika all that much. We would get an hour here and there at night before I drove back to Crozet, but I would sometimes go 4-5 days without really seeing her.

And that was ok.

I didn’t like it, but I simply looked forward to when I would get to see her. I still do, of course, but now that we’ve been married for a little more than four months, I’ve noticed a change in myself, a greater attachment. I mean, she’s my wife.  Things just feel different.  I see her almost every day now, but I feel like I need that.  From the moment we took our vows, I’ve never spent as much time with one person as I have with Mika, and I guess it becomes the norm.  It’s a great thing; I love it.  It just makes it that much harder when that person is gone.

It’s a gorgeous day.  At 8:45 AM, it feels like it’s in the upper 50’s outside.  I didn’t get a chance to take advantage of the weather yesterday, so I’m hoping to today; get outside, work out, take some pictures, and enjoy these hints of spring.

And tonight I’ll have something wonderful to come home to.

Faith Life

I Will Not Take My Love Away.

I will not take my love away
When praises cease and seasons change
While the whole world turns the other way
I will not take my love away
I will not leave you all alone
When striving leads you far from home
And there’s no yield for what you’ve sown
I will not leave you all alone
I will give you what you need
In plenty or in poverty
Forever, always, look to me
And I will give you what you need

I will not take my love away.