Life Musings

Rain, Peace, and Quiet.

I woke up this morning to freezing rain, leading in turn to snow and then rain again later this afternoon.

Apparently, Charlottesville-area schools are on delay again, which is sort of amusing; it’s still just rain for now.

I got in to work a few minutes ago, and I’m the only person in today, it seems; everyone else is either ona business trip or taking care of things in the Northern Virginia office. At least I have some time to breathe, think, and wrap my head around a few projects at work without any distractions.

I often lament not having more times like these when I can focus on one thing and do it well, but on the other hand I’m constantly trying to cram more and more things into my day, distracting myself with any number of things. I bet that with a bit more self-discipline, these moments don’t have to be so out-of-the-ordinary. 🙂