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New Hammock Music Video on Pitchfork.tv: “Mono No Aware”

Date March 10, 2009

Hammock’s newest music video for “Mono No Aware” off of Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow is up on the newly redesigned Pitchfork website.  Not surprisingly, it’s beautiful and atmospheric.  🙂  This particular song reminds me a lot of stuff by Max Richter, namely The Blue Notebooks. Watch the video; there’s a reason why Hammock if […]

William Fitzsimmons, “If You Would Come Back Home”

Date March 5, 2009

Just saw a link over at Pitchfork Media to a new music video from William Fitzsimmons – “If You Would Come Back Home,” directed by Josh Franer. The song comes from Fitzsimmons’ latest record, The Sparrow and The Crow, which is excellent.  I like the video, too. If you like what you hear, consider picking up […]

On Twitter as a news source.

Date February 25, 2009

Twitter fills an interesting niche in the world of online social networking. On Twitter, individuals micro-blog in 140 character bursts, and their readers only follow the people they choose to in their own customized “feed”. Given how easy it is to post a message on Twitter and have it be broadcast almost instantly to one’s […]

The Matrix Runs on Windows

Date January 31, 2009

Ok, this is somewhat old (November of last year), and I am  essentially stealing it from a post my friend Brock wrote, but this is the first time I have seen this. There’s a funny short film parody put out by CollegeHumor.com called The Matrix Runs on Windows, and it features none other than my friend […]

Nightline feature on Mark Driscoll

Date January 30, 2009

Nightline did an interesting feature on Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle which I found very interesting. I’ve heard about Mark on the periphery from my friend Rae and a few others, and I’ve seen a few videos of him on YouTube, but I’m thinking I might need to pay more attention. Check […]